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Hips's payment platform offers simple, transparent pricing for starting, building, and scaling your payment business.
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Hips PayFac Edition
Pricing for payment gateway including payment facilitation acquiring that scales with you.

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For custom pricing
* Starting from €0.01 and minimum fees apply.
The monthly fee per device or sales channel includes white label payment gateway, acquirer connection, terminal and merchant management, key management, PCI Level 1 platform (PPaaS).
The percentage fee includes the acquirer fee (Hips PayFac), but does not include Interchange fee, nor does it include Scheme fee. (If you want to bring your own acquirer, you should use the Gateway Edition)

Choose the Edition that suits your needs

ISO Edition
For Independent Sales Organisations
Sell hardware to your merchants
Set merchants' pricing / rates
Bill your merchants
Manage your merchants' accounts
Sell support agreements to your merchants
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Gateway Edition
Easily add payment terminals to your offering
White Label
Use of any acquirers in the network
TMS functionality
Cloud HSM
Create merchants and manage via API
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PayFac Edition
This is our full Payment Platform as a Service (PPaaS)
Includes Gateway Edition
Onboarding own merchants
White Label
One stop shop with acquiring included
Online & InStore
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Unparalleled Gateway and Acquiring, Simplified

We design custom pricing and tailored acquiring that works for you and your business model.
IC++ Rate
Interchange ++ rate always gives you the best possible price over blended rate. The transparency of IC++ gives merchants insight into what they are being charged for.
Automatic scaling discounts
As you grow your payment business, we lower your rates automatically. Forecast your savings as you grow with discounts starting at just 100 devices.
Flexible Plans
We design custom pricing and tailored acquiring that works for you and your business model.
One stop shop
Everything you need comes standard. Dashboards for you and your merchants, TMS, Gateway, API, SDK, Plugins, mPos apps and connectivity.
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