Miura M020

mPOS and PIN Pad

The M020 is perfect for all in store environments, from traditional in store fixed PED right through to table-side, queue busting and even mobile where enterprise level solutions are required – bringing down costs and guaranteeing a swift return on investment.

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Miura m020 ped

Enhanced Retail UI

Big, full colour, high-res screen, fully programmable to simplify consumer facing tasks e.g. gratuities, additional touch screen features enable digital signature capture and an optimised interface for consumers.
Retail Stand
Elevate the M020 solution and use it seamlessly in any fixed retail environment. The robust Retail Stand secures to a counter and has a proprietary latching mechanism which can be locked or opened to allow mobile operation of the M020. The design also incorporates a USB interface, power, plus the option of a PIN Shield for privacy.

In-Vehicle Cradle

Extend the functionality of the M020 even further with the In-Vehicle Cradle.
Designed specifically to safely hold the M020 in a range of transportation environments, it can be quickly and easily adapted to deliver a robust and reliable mounting solution for all types of vehicles whenever it’s needed.
Miura m020 payment terminal
Miura m020 pos terminal

Lanyards and protective cases

Ideal for merchants who want to provide a traditional payment environment with flexibility to remove the device for mobility when required.
Take advantage of additional implementation support with the M020. From simple lanyards to all-in-one protective cases, these accessories deliver simple yet effective ways to improve the payment experience for retailers and consumers.
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The M020 Multi-Charger has been designed for demanding retail environments where fast charging times are essential.
Its unique design allows for simple ‘drop and charge’ support and acts as a safe housing unit when idle. Our charger incorporates an innovative racking system – just add additional chargers when you introduce more devices, or create multiple charge locations.
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Miura m020 terminal
Miura m020 mpos

Tablet POS

The M020 and our innovative M-Link connector technology are both integrated using Tablet POS.
This provides a seamless payment solution for mobile or fixed point of sale environments. Tablet POS connects the M020 either physically (via USB) or wirelessly. Both the tablet and the M020 are charged simultaneously when the tablet is docked.
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  6.   amount:1250,
  7.   currency:'EUR',
  8.   receipt_id:'My ID 64222'
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  1. // Use websocket for two way communication with your terminals
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  8.   text:'Welcome Back!'
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  1. // Use websocket for two way communication with your terminals
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We enable developers to easily script terminal connectivity.
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Technical specifications
  • Secure 32 bit – ARM 9
Power input
  • Charge via USB (Standard Micro B Connector) or a Miura approved charging peripheral
  • 256 Mbytes SLC NAD Flash, 64 Mbytes mobile DDR
M-Link Contacts
  • Low Profile USB/Power contacts on the rear of the device providing both Fast Charge and USB Communication
  • Dual Communication with Bluetooth 4.2 class 1 with BLE (Smart Beacon) supported
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • USB Serial communication is provided via the Miura M-Link connection or the Micro B connector (USB 2.0 High Speed OTG)
Colour Display
  • Colour TFT, 2.3”, landscape, QVGA (240x320 pixels)
Touch Screen
  • Capacitive touch with signature capture capability is available as a build option
Encryption and Key Management
  • Scheme Certified Remote Key Management (Data & PIN Encryption) DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT
Key Pad
  • Physical Key Ma
  • 4 rows x 3 columns 0-9
  • CNL (RED) + ENT (GREEN) keys Single clear key (YELLOW)
  • A backlit Key mat is available as a build option
  • ISO 14443 A/B supports major mobile wallets and Scheme brands as well as FeliCa. EMVL1, TQM Visa Contactless (PayWave), MasterCard Contactless, ExpressPay, Discover, ApplePay, SamsungPay, Google Pay
  • Various tones under software control. Volume is suitable for retail environment. Speaker is available as a build option
  • Integrated Li-ion 1150mAh battery – options for additional battery packs via M-Link connection
Physical Dimension
  • 126 x 63 x 13 mm
  • 128g
  • PCI PTS V5 (Including Open Protocols & SRED), Common.SECC
  • On-Line PIN
  • P2PE Application & CA Component Certified
  • CE, FCC, IC, ROHS, WEEE, Telec
MFI Certified
  • Includes Apple Authentication Co-Processor and certified to Apples MFI Program
  • EMVL1, EMV L2 Certified, TQM
Environmental Conditions
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
  • Humidity: 10% to 90 % non-condensing