How to integrate WooCommerce checkout module with Hips payment gateway

Use the WooCommerce checkout module to use Hips as WooCommerce payment gateway

WooCommerce setup instructions

  1. Download our latest WooCommerce module here.
  2. Login to Wordpress Admin.
  3. Make sure Woocommerce is installed.
  4. Go to -> Plugins -> Add New plugin -> Choose Upload Plugin and choose our module.
  5. Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Checkout -> Checkout options -> Hips.
  6. Enter your Public API Key (will be found here).
  7. Enter your Private API Key (will be found here).
  8. Enable Hips Checkout and Hips Shipping if you got products that needs shipping.
  9. Always turn off cache on checkout page or our checkout wont work.
  10. Save your settings.
  11. Configure your shipping methods (will be found here).
  12. All done!
  13. (optional) If you want to accept Paypal, Invoice etc you may do that by connecting those to your HIPS account
How to integrate WooCommerce with Hips
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