How to integrate Shopify checkout module with Hips payment gateway

Use the Shopify checkout module to use Hips as Shopify payment gateway

Shopify setup instructions

  1. Login to your Shopify admin.
  2. Install Hips Checkout as payment gateway by clicking here
  3. Confirm by clicking on Install payment provider
  4. Under Settings select Payments
  5. Under the Alternative payments drop-down, select HIPS Checkout.
  6. Enter your Public API Key (will be found here).
  7. Enter your Private API Key (will be found here).
  8. Check “Use test mode” to place demo sales or leave unchecked for live sales.
  9. Click Activate to save your changes.
  10. Deactivate all other payment methods, including Paypal (if activated) - we will add those again at step 16.
  11. Make a test order on your store and select HIPS Checkout as payment method
  12. You will be redirected and a message Please install HIPS Payment Shopify App will appear.
  13. Click on the button Install HIPS Payments app to Shopify
  14. Authorize HIPS to access your Shopify account
  15. When you are ready to go LIVE. Make sure to unmark "Use Test Mode"in Shopify.
  16. Login to your Hips Dashboard and select Sales Channels, Switch Test to Live.
  17. All done!
  18. (optional) If you want to accept Paypal, Invoice etc you may do that by connecting those to your HIPS account
How to integrate Shopify with Hips
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