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ZeroScore™ BRAM/GBPP Monitoring

Keep an eye on existing merchants. ZeroScore™ alerts you when your merchants’ online activities change. Merchants with a clean background at time of contract may later take up illegal practices. In fact, 57% of online merchants change their product offer after 35 days. ZeroScore™ uses innovative online-monitoring technologies to alert you whenever an existing merchant engages in suspicious activities on the web. From potential content violations to website copy changes and website traffic monitoring. In regular intervals of your choice.

The ZeroBoarding™ service is a unique due diligence software tool that vets prospective clients and provides you with a comprehensive background report. So you quickly, efficiently and reliably that you know exactly who you’re dealing with – before signing a contract.

ZeroScore™ Transaction Laundering Detection

Transaction Laundering sometimes referred to as “undisclosed aggregation,” or “factoring,” is a growing threat to the payments industry. Money laundering by another name, it is the dark side of payment facilitation, an established, legitimate aggregation model that provides smaller merchants, ones usually not qualified because of their size, a way to take credit and debit cards for payment.

ZeroScore™ Transaction Laundering Detection service is a unique one-in-the-business solution that will without any integration by the Acquirer or Payment Facilitator seamless detect Transaction Laundering. While monitoring user behavior and traffic together with algorithms alerts the Acquirer or Payment Facilitator in real time of possible Transaction Laundering as it happens.

The ZeroScore™ Transaction Laundering Detection service can be used stand alone or as a complement to ZeroScore™ BRAM Monitoring and Brand Monitoring services and you use the same interface for all services

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