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Hips Checkout

Hips Checkout is  PCI free

With Hips Checkout, you can offer your customers all payment methods in one and the same checkout page. It's incredibly smooth and easy for both you and your customers.

In one and the same solution, you get access to invoice, account, installment, card payment, China Union Pay, American Express, Bitcoin, Paypal, internet banking, SEPA debit and many more payment methods.


  • Your customer only needs to fill in the email address and phone and then complete the purchase. Simplicity minimizes the risk of someone interrupting a purchase.
  • First, the purchase is confirmed - then the buyer chooses how to pay. The purchase is made before the payment simplifies the purchase process and significantly increases the conversion rate.
  • Hips Checkout is customized for the mobile & tablet.
  • Hips's embedded payment form, Checkout, simplifies and secures online payment processing. Quickly integrate Checkout into your site to provide your users with a streamlined, mobile-ready payment experience that is constantly improving. If you need help after reading this, check out our answers to common questions or chat live.

The easiest way to integrate Hips is via Checkout, an embedded tool that takes care of building an HTML form, validating user input, and securing your customers' card data. Using Checkout, sensitive credit card information is sent directly to Hips, and does not touch your server.

Hips Payment API with Hips.js Tokenization

Hips Payment API with Hips.js Tokenization is  PCI free

Using Hips Payment API with Hips.js Tokenization offers you the freedom of a API but without the PCI requirements. The cardnumber is sent via Hips.js direct from the cardholders webbrowser to Hips, where Hips API converts the cardnumber to a token, and send it back to Hips.js.

Then you save the token instead of the full card number, expiry and cvv code, and use that token with Hips API every time you wich to charge the card.

Hips Payment API

Hips Payment API requires  PCI  SSL

Hips Payment API offers you to charge a card direct on the card number. However this means that you store or transmit sensitive cardholder data which requires PCI certification.